1. 1.California State Licensed Esthetician (2004-2012)

  2. 2.The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Certified Charlene R. Keefe as a Master Medical Esthetician

  3. 3.UCLA extension course (part 1) - Skin Care Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals - 2010

  4. 4.UCLA extension course (part 2) - Skin Care Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals - 2010

  5. 5.Vivant Pharmaceuticals - Microdermabrasion & Treatments

  6. 6.New Discoveries in the Biochemistry & Treatments of Adult Acne R. J. Gadberry

  7. 7.The International Congress Medical Spas: A New Esthetics Market

  8. 8.The International Congress - The Classic Facial

  9. 9. Acne Prone Skin: Causes and Treatments

  10. 10. Exfoliation - The Perils of Choosing the Proper Method of Exfoliation for Different Skin Types and Conditions

  11. 11. Skin Rejuvenation: An Update on Medical techniques and Results

  12. 12. Micro-current and Anti-Aging Esthetics

  13. 13. Direct & Indirect Antioxidants: Boosting Skins Natural Free Radical Defenses R. J. Gadberry

  14. 14. Taking charge of your Aging Skin Clients

  15. 15. How to initiate Clients to Medical Services and Patients to Spa Services

  16. 16. How to Prescribe Skin Care Products

  17. 17. Face Reading - What the Face Reveals About Your Clients

  18. 18. Excellence in Exfoliating Peels

  19. 19. Excellence in Galvanic Treatments

  20. 20. Features and Benefits of Light Therapy

  21. 21. The Power of Far Infra-Red Energy

  22. 22.Hyperactive Skin: Color Corrective

  23. 23.The Swich Dermal Rejuvenation System (2009-2012)

  24. 24.Two years attending a conference by Murad Education Department: Functional ingredients and emerging Technologies

  25. 25.Health and Beauty Go Quantum: Expanding your service with Energy Medicines for your Clients for Life

  26. 26.All About Waxing: Pre-Post Treatments

  27. 27.Excellence In Brazilian Waxing

  28. 28.Luxurious Body Treatment and Deep Herbal Peel Against Stretch Marks

  29. 29.Step-by-Step Treatments Including using essential oils to ground the body

  30. 30.Boost the immune system and calm the nerves

  31. 31.Tech VS. Touch

  32. 32.Aromaology and Essential oils

33. Sound and Music in the Spa

34. The Beauty Secrets of Energy Massage

35. Twenty-five ideas for Marketing Your Skin and Body Care Business

  1. 36.International Congress of Esthetics - Scent-Sessional Spa Services

  2. 37.Brand Development Workshop R. J. Gadberry

  3. 38.Moving Beyond Metrosexual Mania

  4. 39.Ultimate Makeover, Extreme Self-Esteem!

  5. 40.Computer Make-up Design, Promotional Calendar Planning Workshop

  6. 41.Advance Make-up Techniques

  7. 42.The business of Bridal Make-up

  8. 43.Make-up as a Career

  9. 44.Cinema Secrets Professional Corrective Make-up Class - Theatrical, &  Film presentation                                         Given by Famous Hollywood Professional Make-up Artist, Maurice Stein

  10. 45.The Rules for Keeping Customers!

  11. 46.Institut’ Clinical Skin Care- Learn a “New” Twist for Using Time

  12. 47.Tested Chemical Peel Solutions to Dramatically reverse the Signs of Aging without Downtime

  13. 48.Physiodermie - Acne, inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions and Comedones

  14. 49.Physiodermie- Rosacea / Acne Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Scientific Cause & Solution

  15. 50.Physiodermie- Hyper-Pigmentation (Melasma)

  16. 51.Marketing Strategies and Tips for Guaranteed Success! Europe lab Inc.

  17. 52.Latest Equipment and Services for your Medical Spa. Platinum Equipment by Alaska

  18. 53.Antioxidant Update: From Cosmeceuticals to Nutraceuticals, R. J. Gadberry

  19. 54.Customize Powerful Treatments with New Norwegian Masque Professional Series & Power-blending System

  20. 55.Green Chemistry: The World Beyond Organic,  R. J. Gadberry

  21. 56.Advance Skin Care and Make-up techniques in Clinique Cosmetics

  22. 57.Certificate of completion partnership program Dermalogica

  23. 58.Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, MD-The Science of Switch & Exfoliation using Enzymes and Acids Instructed

  24. 59.International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Certification to Charlene R. Keefe as a Master Medical Esthetician

  25. 60.National Coalition of Estheticians Certified  given by NCEA

  26. 61.Law & Liability: Staying in the know given by the National Certification of Esthetics Association Certified

  27. 62.Spa & Resort/Medical Aesthetics

  28. 63.National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufactures/Distributors & Associations National Certification of Esthetics

      Association Certified

64. 8 Years attendance at the International Congress of Esthetics of Long Beach, California (2004-2012)

65. 8 Years attendance of the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences, Las Vegas Nevada (2004-2012)

66. Academic Honors At Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California 2004

67. Deans list from Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California

68. Honorable Mention, in the Esthetics Department at Golden West College

69. 5 years Certificate of Membership with Associated Skin Care Professionals

70. Member of the National Rosacea Society

71. Member of the NCEA, National Coalition Estheticians Association (2008-2012)

72. Dr. Fathi G. Fam MD, MS Biomani Advanced Medical Esthetics - Pure Non Buffered Acids for Chemical Peels

73. DermAware Bio-Targeted Skin Care Peel Training 2010

74. Eminence Organic Skin Care Training Program- Master Class 2010

75. Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, Circadia MandeliClear Peel

76. Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, MD -The Science of Oxygen Rx - What Oxygen Really Does (2009-2012)

77. 2 years attendance at the Medical Aesthetic conference & Exposition, Los Angeles, California

78. From Acne to Aging - New Advances & Treatment Methodologies

  1. 79.The Skin: Full Circle

  2. 80.Revitalight LED, Light Emitting Diode Therapy 

  3. 81.Peptide Technology, Treat Pigmentation Disorders, By Dr. Pugliese

  4. 82.Advanced Master Class Post Graduate of Skin Disorders By Pastiche of Paris 2011

  5. 83.Advanced Master Class Post Graduate of Pigmentation By Pastiche of Paris

  6. 84.NCEA issued for Skin Disorders

  7. 85.Skin Diagnostic in Las Vegas, Nevada by Aesthani 2011

  8. 86.Skin Disorders in Las Vegas, Nevada by Aesthani 2011

  9. 87.Micro-Dermabrasion Skin Appeal Machine

  10. 88.Rhonda Allison Institute of Clinical Skin Care for Advanced Skin Peeling 2011

  11. 89.Vivant Skin Care Acne Myths, Causes & Treatments

  12. 90.Circadia Institute of Advanced Esthetics - (2012) Intensive Peels, Stem Cell Technology, Treating Pigmentation Disorders, SPF Technology Updates, New Generation Anti-Oxidants and Circadia Product Knowledge

  13. 91.Pastiche of Paris - Mastered the Class of Advanced Skin Analysis Techniques used in Diagnoses of Aesthetic Skin Conditions and the Knowledge of Progressive Methods 2012

  14. 92.2012 Pastiche of Paris - Cosmetic Chemistry

  15. 93.2010 2B BioBeauty of Europe, Asia & USA - course of Cosmetic Peeling at their International Training Center

  16. 94.Professional Beauty Association -Advanced Esthetic  Education 2011

  17. 95.Cidesco USA Scientific Advanced Education in Esthetics 2011

  18. 96.Donell product knowledge 2008

  19. 97.France Laure of Paris product knowledge 2010

  20. 98.Michael Pugliese , Circadia - Peptide Technology - Treating Pigmentation Disorders

  21. 99.Institut DerMED - Chemical Peel Solutions to Dramatically Reverse the Signs of Aging without down time

  22. 100. NCEA Spa & Resort/Medical Aesthetics Conference & Expo (2009) Law And Liability “Staying in the Know”

  23. 101. NCEA 2009 Mechanical and Manual Chemical Exfoliation and Microdermabrasion

  24. 102. From Acne to Aging : New Advances & Treatment Methodologies  R. J. Gadberry

  25. 103. Skin Rejuvenation & Wound Healing in times of Stress by R.J. Gadberry 2009

  26. 104. Christina Cosmeceuticals Product Knowledge 2011

  27. 105. The International Congress of Esthetics - The Ultimate Medical Spa Treatment

  28. 106. Mechanical and Manual Chemical Exfoliations & Microdermabrasion

      Char’s Certifications

California State Licensed Esthetician ❘ Professional Skin Care Specialist

  1. Skin By Char High Performance Skin Care

  2. Board Certified Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist Tested

Skin Care Specialist Available 24/7

(714) 580-4791

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