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Make-up is suppose to enhance your natural beauty. Make-up is to bring out your eyes, cheek bones and lips.  You want to look as beautiful as possible.  How nice is it when you hear some one say you look beautiful, not Wow, nice make-up.  Your make up will only look as good as your skin underneath. Here at Skin By Char we will teach you the basics to advance makeup application and techniques.

Basic Make-Up Tips


Choose a blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. From the apples of your cheeks blend up towards the top of your ear, tapering off to the forehead area.  Take the tip of the brush and touch the tip of your nose and chin.  If you choose, take the blush color and apply it to the bottom of the eyebrow for a very natural look.

Your DONE!

Make-up Application

The art of make-up is blending.  Apply make-up to the top of the check bone and blend downward to the jaw line.  Then apply your powder to set your foundation.  Now your ready for contouring!


Preparation is everything.  First and foremost you need to prep the skin with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and make-up primer.  Everybody’s application depends on their own specific skin care needs.

At Skin by Char we will educate you on proper make-up application and show you how

Choosing A Foundation

Picking out a foundation is huge!  Ask yourself a few questions to pick out the best make-up/cosmetics.  Apply 3 different color foundations to your cheek and choose one color that best matches your skin tone.

  1. 1.What kind of coverage do you want, Natural, Medium or Heavy?

  2. 2. Do you like a dewy or matte finish?

  3. 3.Do you like a powder finish?

  4. It is important to know the answer to these 3 questions to choose the proper foundation for your skin type.  

Eye Shadow

You need: eye shadow primer, basic flesh color, rustic, and brown eyeshadow, a brown or black eyeliner, black and brown mascara.  Apply the primer to eyelid all the way up to the bottom of the eye-brow.  Apply your flesh color to the same area.  Take the rustic color and apply only to the eye-lid.  Apply the liner to the eye-lid and below the eye.  Apply the brown color to the crease of the eye-lid and blend it over the liner.  Always blend when applying the contour color ( which is the brown color).  Apply the brown mascara all over the eye-lashes, then apply the black mascara to the outer tips of the eye-lashes. 

Creating The Perfect Lips

First prime your lips with foundation.  Choose a lipliner that best suites your natural lip line.  Start with your bottom lip.  Follow your lip line and make a “U” shape and stop.  Go to your top lip and make a “M” shape and stop.  Lift your hand away.  Now take the bottom of the “M” and connect to the corner of mouth, lift up and away. Continue the same on the other side of the “M”.  Repeat fir the “U” shape.  Now, fill in the lip liner to the top of the lip and for the bottom only fill in the sides of the lip, leaving the center naked.  Now apply your favorite sexy gloss to lips. 

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