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by Jake S.

Everyone listen up!! I was having some problems with my skin so I went online to find someone to help me out. I called a few places and really didn't feel comfortable with the people I spoke with on the phone. I called skin By Char and Char answered the phone. I explained to her the problems I was having with my skin. She listened to me and then started asking me all these questions about my skin and what I was doing about my home treatments. She then went on and educated me a bit on my skin and what I would need to do. I booked a consultation with her. I went in the next day for my appointment and she spend 45 minutes consulting me on my skin. Char then customized a facial especially for me. I spent about 3 hours there and I was extremely happy with the treatments she gave me. Char listen to me, she help my skin look so much better. Most of all my skin has continued to look great. I love the skin by Char products too. You can tell Char really does love what she does and I will recommend her to everyone I know. She is the real deal. I will never go anywhere else. I just want to say, thanks Char for all your help, you are the best esthetician ever.

by Kim K.

It's definitely "All About You" with Skin by Char...I have had the pleasure of enjoying Charlene's services for nearly 5 years. Every time I enter her salon, she has added something new to her regimen. The environment is professional and intimate. Her facials and waxing are personalized to each clients needs at the time of their visit. She has removed age spots, wrinkles and blemishes in just weeks. Her skin care is amazing. As you can tell I absolutely love her services! From the relaxing music, total pampering, to the sweet surprise at the end. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of each treatment.

by Gayle E.

I have been seeing Char for microdermabrasion facials on a regular basis (about every 2-3 weeks) for 2 months and my skin looks and feels AMAZING! Char literally has taken 10 years of aging off my face, and I'm getting compliments right and left! In fact, my results have been so dramatic that my husband just went in for his first ever facial AND HE LOVED IT!

Char has taught me so much about my skin and how to take care of it with the right products! I'm very grateful for Char and her professionalism.

by Maureen

As a long time client, I recommend Skin by Char wholeheartedly and have many times to the delight of my friends. The convenient location with easy parking is just the beginning. Once you step into your own private world of being pampered with the best products on the market, you'll receive custom treatments that are right for your skin type, your needs and your comfort and every wish can be met professionally. I haven't received better skin care treatments, advice or top of the line product selection anywhere else. Hair removal and brows design is very well done with minimal pain and its a quiet, clean environment. Please check it out. You won't be disappointed.

by Peggy

Once the treatment begins, you become a celebrity. I've had facials and microdermabrasion before, but they were like kindergarten versions of the real deal. Char is the real deal. She looked at my skin, and diagnosed a problem I've been having for years, but have never been able to solve. The actual microdermabrasion was so much better than what I've had before. She did so much work on my face....unfortunately I can't relate all the steps because I was a puddle of melted wax just lying there. I can't wait until my next appointment, because I've seen such a big improvement thus far, and I know I'll have even more improvement after. You've got to try her---Char is a gem.

by Evelyn

Char is the best! Why? She doesn't give you a facial just because, but rather counsels you on how you can take better care of your skin. The time you spend with her isn't only 45 of feel good suds on your face, it is a learning experience and it is more than 45 minutes... I will say, it has been few days and my face feels good and it looks amazing as it did the day I got a facial from her! She really does care about you and your skin. It is important that she pays all her attention to you...so that means it is only you and her in her salon...you don't get that in other places. At that time, you are the only person that matters...and that is worth every penny. Her products are amazing...love it! I've been going to Char since Sept 2006 and I will NOT let anyone else touch my face.

by Tracy

Char is the best!! I highly recommend her to all my friends and family. Thanks Char for all that you have done to help me with my skin. I get so many compliments now and I feel so much better about myself.

by Kelly

I love the way Char makes my skin look and feel! She is so talented and confident! I am in the public eye so much and first impressions are everything with my business! It's amazing what a difference it makes if I don't follow Char's skin care treatment that she designed special for me! It doesn't pay to procrastinate - she really knows her skin care! It's worth every penny!! I love the one on one special attention when I am in her spa - I feel like such a princess! I love you Char and thanks for keeping me beautiful!!!!

by Venus

Charlene is literally/clearly the most intelligent esthetician i have ever met in my whole life. Its like talking to a doctor who takes care of everything and then some (w/out asking). Furthermore, she is extremely detail oriented, places where you dont feel or see acne, she'll fix it.

by Sandra

Char is awesome she has made my skin look better than ever. I didn’t break out and my dark spots are blemishing away. She takes her time when you go in for a facial she educates you on how to take care of you skin. She is very honest and lets you know exactly what you need to get the results you want. I get so many compliments now on my skin. I totally recommend her to my entire friend, family and to all. You need to check her out you will not regret it. She is worth every penny. Char is the only person I trust with my skin.

by Nicole

Char has made my skin look better than it ever has!!! I barely break out at all anymore and I always have that healthy glow. Her products work! She knows what she is talking about. She will educate you and make sure you understand all that is going on with your skin and what she is doing. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I also get my waxing done there and I have never had a better wax in my life. She has also taught me a lot of techniques with make up and my overall appearance. I wouldn't trust anyone but Char with my skin. Worth every penny!!

by Elizabeth

Char gives good face....!

Honestly ladies I have found the best kept secret in Orange county. Upon arrival on my 1st appointment she makes you feel welcome and locks the rest of the world away so you can fully enjoy your spa experience. Char educates you as you go, not with typical spa talk, a real education on your skin type because we are all different. So, the secret is out ladies...Char will truly change the appearance of your skin and get the glow on....I trust her with my face, and that says a lot! Thanx Char!

by Venus

Charlene is literally/clearly the most intelligent esthetician i have ever met in my whole life. Its like talking to a doctor who takes care of everything and then some (w/out asking). Furthermore, she is extremely detail oriented, places where you dont feel or see acne, she'll fix it.

by Jana

All About You is a delightful reprieve from the ordinary. No where else can I get the personalized, knowledgeable attention I receive from Charlene

by Natalie

I have been going to charlene for 3 years. She made my skin look so good for my wedding. She takes her time and educates you how to take care of your skin. It's not just a facial it's a learning process. Her facials are worth every penny. You can go to some cheap place and get a good cleanse or you can go to her and see results and see your skin look younger. She is very honest and tells you exactly what you need to do to get the results you want. I really don't like spending money on myself but I figure your face is what people look at all day long you need to keep it nice. I feel when my face looks good I have more self-confidence. I recommend her to women and men. Check her out you will not regret it.

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