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Rejuvenating Facials

Here at Skin By Char we offer over 300 different facials. Not every skin type and condition is exactly the same. So, when you choose Char she will start with an initial consultation. Char really is into skin. She will suggest different types of treatment based on your skin type and condition at the time you see her. Some offer different types of treatment but Char customizes her treatments to EACH individual client. 


Age Defying Facial

Is your face starting to look older than you feel? Before turning to toxic chemical peels, try out an oxygen facial and or customized treatments that Char can recommend after evaluating your skin's condition. 


Diet Consultation

What you eat affects your skin. After your facial you can meet with Char where she can also suggest some minor diet changes to help prevent some skin issues. Find out what you can eat and avoid eating to build the skin you want naturally.